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Forest Park, GA is a modest suburb that sits about 15 minutes south of downtown Atlanta. If you’re considering buying property in this area, here’s what you should know.

Forest Park, GA Overview

If you already own property in Forest Park, you know that it’s a quaint city with a strong sense of community. Although it may not have the attractions of downtown Atlanta, it does offer plenty of local amenities to make life enjoyable for residents.

Home to the Atlanta State Farmer’s Market, in addition to plenty of chain and local grocery stores, finding quality food is a breeze for those who live in Forest Park. Forest Park also offers plenty of outdoor activities. As its name implies, the town is home to beautiful woodlands, and one place to enjoy this beauty is to visit the nearby Reynolds Nature Preserve.

Investing in Forest Park, GA Real Estate

If you don’t yet own property in Forest Park, there’s many reasons why it could be great for your real estate career. Since it sits so close to Atlanta, it’s an affordable place for city workers to live. You can find a variety of charming properties here at an inexpensive sales price, and as the housing market continues to grow, so will the property’s value.

What’s more, Forest Park offers an already-established rental market that maintains just the right amount of competitiveness. You will have no trouble finding interested tenants here, because over half the city’s population are renters.

Finding Property Management in Forest Park, GA

No matter where you are on your real estate journey, finding a property management company in Forest Park is a must. Whether you already own property near Atlanta and want to expand your portfolio or you’re a beginning home owner, Blue Box Property Management offers services to fit your needs.

Our reputable team of real estate experts know everything there is to know about property management in Forest Park, GA. If you want to work with a highly-experienced team that won’t take days to respond to your calls and emails, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose Blue Box Property Management to take the first step towards making your property thrive.

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Property Marketing

Let the BlueBox team find the right renter for your home. We market your property using a powerful assortment of advertising & promotional tools.

Tenant Screening

We only place qualified tenants who meet our strict rental requirements. Every application is carefully reviewed to keep you & your investment protected.

Rent Collection

Keep your rental earnings coming in on time. Our accounting team sends out monthly bills, collects funds, and deposits your earnings for you.


When problems arise in your rental home, breathe easy knowing we have it covered. We coordinate repairs & keep your tenant satisfied.

Property Inspections

Regular inspections help us keep tabs on your rental home. Our team identifies potential problems & takes the steps necessary to address those issues.

Financial Reporting

Our monthly financial reports provide an overview of your financial performance. Sign into your account at any time to view your statements.


Should you ever find yourself with a bad tenant in your home, we'll handle the eviction process for you. When it's all over, we'll find a new, qualified tenant.

Legal Guidance

Don't find yourself in a fair housing nightmare. Let our team pay attention to the laws and ordinances that impact the health of your rental home.

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You'll Never Be Left in the Dark by Our Team

Building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients is our top priority. We work to keep you informed of what's taking place inside your home and we answer your calls & emails as promptly as possible.

Effective Tech Tools Help Us Do Our Best

Not only does our impressive management team work tirelessly to keep your home performing optimally, but we also use technology like digital rental listings and online account portals to get the job done quickly.

"As a property owner who lives in Australia, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with this company compared with others I have in other parts of the US. I am kept informed at all times and never have to worry about being paid on time. 4 years on, I am 100% happy with service, still have the same tenant in place who looks after the property & could not be happier. Cheers!"


Satisfied Client

"I have no complaints about the company or the staff..they're so awesome...And the lady's that work in the front office... I really want to say they never gave up on getting me in the home and I'm blessed to have met those two...keep up the good work!"

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At BlueBox Property Management, we take the guesswork out of finding the right partner for your rental home. Our Atlanta property management packages have all been designed with your needs in mind. Our staff will collaborate with you to identify your unique goals and build a management strategy to bring those goals to fruition. Learn today how we can help you.

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